How To Buy?

We know sometimes buying online might be difficult, we we will do a little tutorial on how to buy in KpopCloud💖

1) In KpopCloud all the prices are in default in USD (United States Dollar) but we have an option available for you so you can see prices in your currency, how to do that? Easy! On top right of our page you can see a flag, click in there and search your country flag! Once you that, click on it and all prices will be automatically converted on your currency!

2) If you have already checked the product and you saw some of them that you loved the process is simple, just click in ''Add To Cart'' If you want to buy more than one product.

If you want to buy only ONE product, click in ''Buy it Now''


3) This is one easy part but I know for some of you may be confusing, so please follow the steps!

4) Now we can proceed with the shipping, first of all, we would recommend you to check our COVID STATEMENT so you know if you want to select Standard Shipping with Tracking number (which is free) or Express Shipping.

5) Next Step is Payment Method, this is where most of you get confused, our Payment method is via Paypal, Credit or Debit Card. Please follow the image directions.

6) Now, for Credit/Debit Card Users this might be confusing because this part is in spanish, the reason? Our programmer did it like that, we apologize for the inconvenients. But lets us translate it to you so you dont have problems with payment.

CONGRATULATIONS! Once you reach this point and complete payment your order is already in! You will receive an email confirmation ending this point.

And that's it! We hope we solved how to order in our store for you!

Happy Shopping in KpopCloud!♥